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Stay positive 🌻

It definitely feels like the end of the world when your parents shout at you, when they pick your flaws and forget all the achievements you have ever had. All they can see is why you didn’t finish a work they told you to do, or maybe why aren’t you being much productive in your life or simply its that random day when they randomly come to you and choose their favorite topic, your school grades! It definitely hurts a lot when they compare you to your sibling or maybe a cousin because you know it very well how your cousin was drunk last night and you were not because you felt that you’re responsible to take care of the situation and sadly you cannot tell this achievement to your parents and you still have to go through the session of “100 reasons why your sister is better than you”. I will not bring that “its okay they know what’s right for you” crap because i am 18 and i still plan to leave my home and build a new life in malaysia with 500 bucks in my pocket whenever my parents scold me, infact last time i was very serious to leave when i was scolded for not taking a bath, but my cellphone was out of battery and till the time it got charged i was already friends again with my mom so okay!

So, as i was saying, each person has a different way to heal themselves when you’re locked in your room crying a lot because apparently your friends are toxic, parents are shouting, love life is a total unicorn(does not exist) and grades are as low as your self respect when your ex texts you(sorry i wanted to be funny), all i can say is to take this matter a little easy with you and don’t let it bother you that much because trust me, you’re not alone when it comes to fights with family, and even you know the fact that everything gets better every time, it just takes time to heal, afterall, you all are a very cutie family, ofc it’ll get better! Stay blessed y’all.

From my heart to yours,


Published by From My Heart To Yours ❤

hello there! I am Kashish, an 18-year-old. Part-time blogger and an entrepreneur. If you enjoy unfiltered content with a touch of comedy and lots of love, sit back & relax! You are my friend now, bye!

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